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Electric motor experts around?

Good day all,

The the story is: I've got a South Bend lathe that I "attempted" to do a Motor swap from a 1/4 HP to a 1HP. Problem is, I dont got no idea how I'z gona hook it up. I dont have a clue when it comes to electricl stuff, so I should have known that I'd hit some problems. I've talked with a few people on the net and have gotten all the info I could ever want, but all of it's useless if I dont understand it. I need someone to actuly come to my place and help me out. I have a guy that owns his own shop like 5 min's from me, but he's swamped with work and doesnt see any free time in the near future where he could help out.

So, is there anyone in the Ottawa area or around Brockville that knows there Electric motors? I am willing to pay, but I dont have much. The motor is in the lathe, it just need the proper wiring set up. I am in Addison, BTW.

Also, here are some pictures of the South Bend..........


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