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Purchase H 66 glue do not waste your time with other options I have seen people use everything from contact cement to tar with short term results

I have been doing this for the last 6 years You will get tired of doing this over and over again if you cut corners...

clean area with degreaser and elbow grease
rinse with clean water
deflate the bunker
clean area to be patched with alcohol swab and let dry
cut a patch in excess of the hole
apply h66 to area around hole or seam
butter backside of patch with h66
apply patch and move it around to ensure even application
I also commonly apply glue around the edge of the patch after it is situated
place rag over patch and glue
use mulitple spring clamps to compress them patch to the bunker
let dry and cure for 1 -2 days
pull off the rag slowly

I have sold many fields in Canada H66 as we order in bulk due to the large shipping costs associated with it because it can be highly flammable

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