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Today's Rig: 2 belts

Holster Belt:
-Leg 'hook and catch' rig for DLG, swivel draw
-BT holster for Mad Pistol, crossdraw
-12 gram wrist harness on belt

Ammo Belt:
-Dump Pouch
-2 Cj's DBD/WTF capless patches, left side and rear

Very light setup, and once I reached the staging area I just drop the ammo belt. Reload tubes and put the ammo belt back on.

No trying to reload capless harness while wearing it. No fussing with holster belt loaded with guns. No unbagging barrels in staging area every time I need to reload paint. Can easily sit with guns in place while I fill capless patches.

I could have added a t8 to the rear of the holster belt and a mag pouch to the other belt.
I really enjoyed this today. And when I went out with just the Intimidator Rifle I left the ammo belt on and just took off holster belt I wasn't using. Why didn't I do this before?????
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