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A project for a customer.

A customer came by the shop and wanted a few thing done to his 99 vert feed Autococker body.

First he wanted in made into a mini.

Then he wanted a "P" block on the body. So I used a Free Flow style back block for this.

Next he wanted a Ego Feed neck put on the body.

Now he wanted the rock to be mounted to the side of the body but I talked to him and asked what if I made a front block screw and have the rock screw into the front instead of the side of the body. The customer agreed that this would look better so we went that way.

Now were to put the ram. The customer did not want it out in front but on the side of the marker near the back. This is were it ended up being.

The ram with the back block ...

The whole thing put together with using a Palmer frame.

I hope the customer likes how it came out.

Ken W
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