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Originally Posted by grimace View Post
I have an important question for the people taking measurements (Bartman). Are you measuring an STP with sterling threads or spyder threads? I know for a fact that the pump handle in the newer sterlings is larger to accomidate the 1" spyder threaded barrels. The OP's picture is the previous gen STP with sterling threads and IIRC the barrel OD is something like 7/8. I don't have a stock barrel hand to measure though.
Its the newer model STP, as for feed neck I will measure it here in a bit, I have replaced my feed neck alread with an after market one. I had an old BartPArts feed neck and turned off the threads on it and made it work, looks awesome will post pic's as soon as I find a camera to do so.

If you guys want anything else measured just let me know.

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