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Received my marker today. Mech triggered, closed bolt Vibe. Trigger pull is light, short, fairly crisp. I do not "walk" triggers, but this shot fast enough that I needed a powered hopper to keep up. Marker is still light, no noticeable vibration, balance is almost exactly the same as original model. Velocity was consistent, but will file more details after I have run two bags through her to wear it in. No chopping with a powered hopper. Fast trigger, gee did I already say this. May not be a true walkable trigger, but on a closed bolt with good paint/bore match it should not be an issue. And the biggest plus: NO BATTERY. If you have a Vibe, Ion, or other of the family: get this set up.
My original Vibe is now now longer my go to for most uses. You can not tell it is not a normal Vibe. I added a black plastic cap to the end. I just have to remember to use a barrel bag. With no on off or safety, this needs to be treated with thought in the pits, as all guns should.
And I have Auto mag, Blazer and others in my stable, but for fun it was my Vibe, now it is Vibe2.
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