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Well, that was a long weekend of WoT. Wanted to juice my credits a bit after spending lavishly on the new patch. Bought an Easy 8 for half price and then began to grind it with my M4 for the 1.5x credits.

During this, I pushed my M4 to the top of my tanks list with more than 400 games (only 50% victories, but I raised my hit count from 45% to 51% in the last 100 games!).

Raised 2.5 million in credits and now have an upgraded E8 that I barely want, so... I am feeling flush.

In other WoT developments, I bought a Jumbo... and I love it so far. Like a slower but way stronger M4 that bounces all kinds of incoming calibers. Man this tank is fun to play. Everyone mistakes me for a regular Sherman, to their detriment and my 105mm derp is just as fun on a tier 6 tank as it is on my tier 5.

Also bought a few tier IV light tanks (Leopard, as I already have a fully trained crew and a M5 Stuart) with the intention of grinding up to a couple of the new Tier V lights, but... in playing against them, I am not too terribly impressed by them.

Have a killed more T-50-2's than I have horseflies and even the Chaffee has been falling to my pot shots. (It is SO much fun to just pick a place out in front of a speeding light and throw a shot out... especially when you hear "critical hit" or "Got him!")

Anyway, been leaving my tier VII's alone, mostly, though I did buy the big expensive derp for my IS. Gotta grind that T34 for a lot more so I can play around with an SU85.

Finally, I WILL be buying a Type 59 when I get the gold again. They are just a fun, competitive tank to run. Fought one quite a bit on the test server and now I find them to be the bane of my existence in my tier VI and VII tanks.

I see multiple Type 59's on the other team and I automatically play D... those tanks will inevitably be circling my base before 5 minutes is done.

That is the latest from the ThunderDrum tank ranch!


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