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new guy here

I thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm Andrew and I'm Toads older brother and Flying Dutchmans younger brother and met some of you last weekend. Its looking like I'll also be out the next 2 weekends before Ryan leaves. I was using one of Jungens pump guns and had alot of fun last weekend. As some may notice from my user name I race remote controlled cars at a fairly high level so I can't affored to pb as much as I'd like too. Driving a $1000 toy car gets expensive to say the least and my new car shredds tire which doesn't help. I'm thinking of using my 98 this weekend so I'd be interested in buying a 50 round hopper if someone has one or I could borrow a pump if you guys would prefer that, constant air with the asa on the bottom of the grip would be prefered.

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