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Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
Yea unfortunately it's a "sight" thing, the First Strike Rounds already cover almost two football fields at 300fps (shooting up at 45 degrees), so shooting the regular Bismuth rounds at 450FPS, they just simply go so far they disappear from sight.

I could easily see those things going 600+ yards, at 450+FPS
For things like First Strikes I don't really consider a 45 degree lob shot "normal" range. Even at a "mere" 200 feet a First Strike still has quite noticeable drop from the aim point. Even seeing how much less drop the bismuth shots have at a measurable range would be educational.

Oooh, another fun test for them. Call up your local butcher shop for some pork rib bones and bury them about a half inch deep into some modeling clay for a quick and dirty body analog. See if those heavy *** loads will crack a rib at close range.
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