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Finally confirmed my order.

Speaking of same It's been a long time coming but I pulled the trigger today. Commitment/tightwad issues aside i went for it... I found a new but 2nd hand T2 on eBay for a great price. Got it. Shot it. Loved it so much that after one day of play I decided I had to order one just to my liking. (Just not an 86* guy, I'm more stable w/ a 45) All of my other sniper's feel like phantoms now... They probably hate ccm!

I went with the right feed outright. The way i figure it I''ll end up getting a 2nd breach down the road anyways so I got one of those sexy SCFT's instead. Normally I'd be freaking out about the later parts c'olor match but I went with BLK hard anno so It wont be would be an issue either way. Should be a slick little set up with the tw2 stock i ordered today. MMMM Oh and of course a 14'er.

Only downside is a longer wait due to the hard anno but i figure It'll pay for itself in longevity... Nothing worse than making it safely behind cover only to discover you just dinged your new baby. Though you guys may not struggle with stopping as much as I do.
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