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for me, its not about alot of weight loss. for the wife on the otherhand, it is.. im 6"2 and 237 (currently) could a stand to loose a little.. sure, but for me its more about muscle development.. im just not happy with the way i look, i think my arms are disproportionaly skinny, and my stomach isnt as flat as id like it to be, and it prefer less like boobs, and more like pecs

her on the other hand, she is 6"0 and she weighs more than me.. she doesnt have a build where she can get to her "correct BMI" so thats out the window, she will never be under 180, and i accept that.. besides, id rather have a dancer, not model.. weight loss is her primary goal..

i havent gone back to boot camp thing yet.. as life is in the way (friend visiting) but its given my knee the opportunity to rest some, which has been good for it, it was really swollen and stiff yesterday. today it feels better, and the swelling has gone down some too.. so even though my body might not appreciate the rest, my knee sure does


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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