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looking for how much interest there is for some new items

Ok since I had to outsource the lever changers due to not having the right machines I have been working on a few new items that I can prototype myself or ideas for items that I could do. So I am looking for some feedback to see what people would like to see and what I should focus on once the lever changers are finished.since my guy doesn't work at 10 pm I have to keep busy afterall.

Tippmann smg 60/smg68/68 special full auto trigger(this is almost done already)

50 round electric hopper: working on it to run on aaa to last 8 hours. the end design I dont know what shape I will use tossed between the Winchester general shape and the ammo box.

Nelson 007 Phantom grip: shape and curves of the nelson grip to replace the 86 and 45 bolt on grips

Nelson 007 phantom grip frame with internal 12g co2, lever lock to secure 12g no more twist bolt, battle grip style grips to drop in 12g. lever action will be part of the frame not like the old screw in ones, the bottom of the frame will actually pivot.

New stock class feed gate to solve the dirty bolt problems. Closing the gap between the CCI feed gate and body, bad things get in there and break things that don't need to break.

T8 mag extentions out of metal not cheap plastic, 17 rounds

Ninja Dave Paintball branded stock class gear harness. Dump pouch. Wrist straps. gloves. You get the idea

Lever action pmi lb rifle kit: bolt to your body and go. wood and brass goodness, I don't really like other peoples designs so I am redoing it my way so you dont need to get any speacial parts or anything more dificult then taking off the grip frame, asa, and air lines.

I have a few other that haven't been worked out as much but these are either currently being worked on or have the designs fleshed out and are just waiting on me getting time to build
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