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Originally Posted by Omega Chief View Post
I found a tiny o-ring to slip over the hammer bolt, and I think this will be a perfect fix to what you've described Grazingshot. It is small enough to fit into the depression where the bolt threads into the hammer. I think that the o-ring would need to be small enough to not surpass the outer diameter of the bolt shank, because any rubbing on the receiver would likely cause erratic (or at least lower) velocity.

This has done two things, it has extended my hammer bolt just a hair (enough to prevent any rubbing) and the rubber also dampens vibration. This seems to prevent the hammer bolt from backing out a turn or two as it typically does after firing a few shots. (although the bolt will not continue to back out past this in my experience)

However the sound of dry firing leads me to believe I've lost a touch of hammer bounce. Perhaps it is still adding a touch of resistance. I'll have to wait to properly test if it has any ill effect upon velocity or consistency.

Another solution would be perhaps a nylon set screw in the hammer itself to put pressure upon the threads (like on a Phantom TPC). Due to the thread-sert used in the hammer this would likely be unfeasible, and not worth the very very minor returns. Perhaps a better solution would be to have a deeper recess around the thread-sert to allow a small o-ring to seat entirely within the hammer. This would prevent any potential rubbing that could affect consistency.

Take note that I don't see any of this as being a significant or in any way substantial issue. I'm only having fun with the details as I am inclined to tinker.
I use to do that back in the day on screws that tended to back out on my razorback. The oring in a disposable lighter regulator is abosultely perfect for this. Its TINY. They don't last long on screws that are removed a lot though.

There is no thread insert in the hammer. Its a solid piece of stainless. Well solid except for the holes in it. You can snug that one with an allen key. Your not likely to strip it out.
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