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Originally Posted by acesn8s View Post
I kept waiting for one of those shamblers to trip and fall see a survivor. I'm kinda curious where the pack came from. Were they in the woods or hanging out behind a bus?

I agree that I think there should have been a whole bunch of dead hanging around by the church. Thought it was interesting that there were 3 inside sitting down like at mass. Is the show establishing that the dead might seek out everyday routines ala Romero zombies?
There was a very similar scene with the herd in the comics. Zombies naturally horde, and once started after food in a direction, keep moving in that direction. So it was probably one zombie started down the road from the nearest town after a survivor, who got away (or tripped and was eaten). Other zombies see Patient 0 there walking, figure he's walking toward food, and join the trail.

I'm surprised there weren't more rotters in the church, too. A small church like that, maybe the rest of the crowd was at home with the family. Or ran away from the fourth one, who reanimated sooner.

They don't appear to have been attracted to the routine (though I do agree it could be expected that zombies head toward the last things they remember before the brain goes), but they were probably bitten or injured or something, and had been praying up until the point they died in the pews and turned. Without live food, there would be nothing to stand for and follow.

The comics did establish that, while some zombies pick a likely direction and go off in search like Grandpa Oldstein looking for a buffet, others will conserve energy and just chill until prey or a more determined-looking zombie comes along to suggest food.
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