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Originally Posted by russc View Post
I think some of you folks forget that the idea behind pump isn't "get as fast a followup shot as possible."

Holding the reg can give you a nice stable platform since you hold your arm closer to your body. I hate holding the pump handle when I'm going for a shot.

I even do it on KP-2s, as seen below \/
This is very true, I have seen "elitist" remarks towards others, and myself at pump events about people hollding onto the vert grip/reg while playing, I was approached by a player, who will remain nameless, after I had charged a group of opponents after they shot me out and the conversation went kind of like this:

"I can tell you didn't start out playing pump"

Me- "No, I didn't, but what makes you say that"

"In between shots you were holding your reg, that's an electronic gun thing"

Me- "Actually, I do that so I get a nice stable shot, but thanks for noticing"

In all honesty, what does it matter? I could carel less if someone would take a shot, do a summersault, then make a can of soup in between shots, it doesn't matter. People give feedbback about a longer vertical reg because that's what we want, and that's the feedback CCM wants to hear, how can they make us happier, its what prototypes are for.
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