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Well, just as a slight update to this, eventually my dayglow sight DID break off and disappear, although it turns out I never really used it in play anyway, I just sight down the sides of the gun.

I also decided to redo the spring follower and guide and remake both out of black delrin. Don't know if anyone cares enough to see pics but they came out pretty good considering SOMEONE in my department decided to completely FUBAR the alignment of the lathe chuck on me... My stock one had an issue with tilting too much to one side of the feed and dragging, which was one of those really annoying little things when you're trying to reload during a firefight. Now it's super smooth and aside from the little bit of raw aluminum around the feed port it's almost impossible to tell that the feed didn't come that way stock.

Oh, and as a side note, macroline + CO2 = bad juju. Was standing in the sun watching the battle play out on the Beach at ION in July and the tank must have heated up enough to overpressurize the macro. Blew the grip right off the bottom screw hard enough to crack it. No real surprise there, I had only been using CO2 as a stand in until I could get a 22/3K anyway, so now I've got a consistent air source for year-round play.
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