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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Wait. Nelspots are not autotrigger? I'm not home right now to confirm, but I'm pretty sure my 007 autotriggered.
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I kind of agree and disagree with this rule. Having it basically eliminates PA, but why not just say no PA. A pump Mag has a pull that is greater than 3/4" but yet there is no tension on the pull until the last 1/8".

Also why say not electronic guns? It would take away the ability to use something like the Ego pump when it is finished, or a MQ sniper.
A spyder with a disconnected bolt from the hammer would have a super light, super short pump stroke by employing a lever. The blowback resets the hammer, a 1.4 inch pump stroke would easily move the bolt to load a ball.
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