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Originally Posted by lancecst View Post
Just going by the rules I would say that a pump mag is ok for open class, or possibly SC depending on your setup. You have to move the handle 3/4 of and inch, granted all but the last 1/8" is not under pressure.

If you run the pump mag off of 12g and either a horizantal stick or vert 10 round you can use it in SC.
My pump Mag needs about 1/8" of total stroke, and about 4 ounces of force to cock it. The point of my proposal is to allow all of the pneumatic assist and whatever else people can come up with, but not give them a huge firepower advantage.

Of course... As I said... I could be solving non-existant problems

Ok... Now to throw a wrench into the works <evil grin>

Classify this marker:
Pneuamatic assist with a 3/4" pump stroke of nearly zero pressure
Has an AT

Complies with all other rules regarding power source and magazine.

Damn I love hypothetical situations <evil laughter>


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