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Why the Surrender Rule Doesn't Work

Some interesting raw footage from a game today, starring yours truly. I did not want to go blasting full 15 BPS (this is a customer E-Cocker) into this building because A, I didn't want to light people up at close range and B, there was the potential for little kids to be inside. There was a referee nearby but he was sort of chilling outside the building. At the getgo, everyone on the front wall AND the back wall should have been pulled. I could have gone around the other way and just brutally blasted people but I didn't.

Also, LOL at the guy with the Tippmann that managed to miss me at point blank range. The off-screen referee found that pretty amusing.

One final note for everyone that complains about out of control electro-shooters. You'll notice that at no time in this sequence do I brutally destroy anyone.

Special thanks to Airsports Paintball in Ludlow, MA: they throw some fun games and there's a place for both beginners and experienced players, speedball and milsim. I am definitely NOT into woodsball so it says something that I drive there to go play woodsball.

Untitled on Vimeo

WARNING: Foul language at the very end.

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