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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
Interesting discussion, seems most are in agreement that there is nothing wrong with surrender rules.
No. I don't see that agreement here.

People seem to be in agreement that your implementation (and possibly understanding) of the surrender rule in this video was not exactly correct.

And you are clearly in the minority when it comes to believing you can stand in a window in view of 5 players in 5 different directions (looked like you would have had to sweep, what, 130 degrees) and take them all out, without overshooting, before any one can turn on you, especially without prior location acquisition.
He posts videos of himself on Youtube never leaving the furthest back bunker.
Even when playing against rental noobs, he is immobilized.
Logic and reason are anathema to him; but this does not deter him from prattling on.
He is the most interesting player in the world.
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