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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Surrender rules led to too much overshooting and confusion at my home field, not to mention punishing players who moved up. To fix it, we dropped FPS to 275 and just enforce overshooting more closely.
This has been my experience as well, but the fields around here maintain the rule.

However, rules are what form the game. There are lots of rules that I don't like, but if that's the game we're playing, then that's the game *I'm* playing. You learn to work the rules. Operative word there is "learn". If you don't want to learn it, fine, then never put yourself in the position to use the rule.

The surrender rule causes the most consternation with inexperienced/bad players. This is the ultimate irony of the rule, because these are they players it is intended to protect. It takes practice, diligence, situational awareness, and a bit of psychology to properly use the surrender rule. (It also helps to have nerves of steel; note how OP was rattled in the video.) It requires characteristics of the player offering the surrender that they simply don't always have.

Note that I'm clear about distinguishing the player offering the surrender from the target. It's not like the target needs to have experience or nerves of steel to get shot at point blank range. The onus is pretty much on the player offering the surrender to do it correctly.

My biggest problem in the implementation of the surrender rule is not the target. I never have problems with my targets. It's always my own teammates who wind up shooting me after I've cleared out a bunker. This is why, all the way in my first reply, the first step is to coordinate with your teammates.

By the way, I went back and reviewed the whole "pie slicing" thing. I don't know about you guys, but when I slice a pie, I don't start with the knife in the middle of the pie, cut left, then cut back right. If you really thought you had the drop on these guys in this fashion, hats off to you. You must be a REALLY fast draw. Like amazing total upper body speed.
He posts videos of himself on Youtube never leaving the furthest back bunker.
Even when playing against rental noobs, he is immobilized.
Logic and reason are anathema to him; but this does not deter him from prattling on.
He is the most interesting player in the world.

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