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In the middle of a game pull out a steno pad, scribble the request and have a ref run it over to the opposing player.

Opposing player unfolds the paper and reads
"Hi, I hope your game is going well
what terrific weather we're having eh!
You're probably wondering why the ref brought you this note
well, I just thought I'd try to open up the lines of communication a bit
after all these games can sometimes drag on for a while in a sort of stalemate
especially when players don't move around very much
so since you're in my mirror and I'm in your mirror I thought hey,
there's no reason why we shouldn't be friends, or at least civil towards each other.
I figured what better way to do that than to send you this note so I could
wish you a good day, and
see if you felt like surrendering.
So what do you say, feel like surrendering?

Hopefully in the time it takes the player to read the last line you've managed to park a ball on them.
Shoot first, check armband tape later.

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Anyone who thinks they can out-birddog a birdog, regardless of weather conditions, is just stupid.
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