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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
BOX O' PGP(s)!
- Two bodies one has leaky valve both pre cartridge
- Two frames one has wood grips and some white paint on it.
- A baggy of internals ( pre catridge )
- One bolt for now I have a second some where
- No pumps or pump arms

Definitly could use some anno or mill time...

But.. Im waiting for my shocker to show up to do my Shego conversion for anno work...

and double but.. Im waiting on my cocker body to show up that I want a mid block conversion done on...

So.. if you want it its yours I just have to get my end in order sooner or later..

Edit... I do need a gloss black anno job on a sniper Im building for some one...Like 4 to 5 pieces max maybe that and you can turn me a pre 2k lenght bolt Ill supply the delrin ( I think I have enough to do that.. )

get your things together and send me a pm. could defenitly work something out

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