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I received a PM asking how much for the Edge. I didn't build it with the intention to sell it. But someone might want to know what an investment in a re-freshed marker might be.
Here's what I put in to it:

Marker 450 (yes, I know, but it wanted an Edge Factory Milled marker)
CP Mini On Off 20
CP Mini Rail 42
CCM Feedneck 25
SCM 60
Volumizer 40
Acid Customs Trigger 65
Acid Customs Bolt (Bio hazard Symbol) 20
CCM Air Fittings 30
Milling 35
Tuning 50 (plus a AC Bolt, always feed your tech cool stuff)
Ano 140
Total: $977

Plus shipping the parts all over the place.

Milling Repair was DC
Ano was done by Ano-Tech
Tech was I-Love-Strats
I'll share my paint with you, but it might be broken when you get it.

Blue RPG Mag
Purple Acid Washed Excal Edge
Purple Ego 8
Gold Blazer
Nasty Typhoon - Heck Yah
I'm sure there's a few more around here somewhere.....

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