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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I probably shouldn't say anything so I don't give away my secrets..but I pretty much never offer surrender, even for kids and girls, assuming I still have paint and/or propellant. Getting shot is part of the game, and I will not overshoot and do my best to aim for a hard target, but if I miss and tag something squishy, it ain't gonna kill ya. People are pussies these days..if someone starts shooting you 4, 5, 12 times that's something different, but a couple balls up close is not a mortal injury.
You've stated you don't offer surrenders, but you haven't clearly stated why.

Why do you not offer surrenders?

Hopefully you have a better reason than, "because I don't like getting shot", as that would be obvious hypocrisy.

I hardly think you're shooting them BECAUSE they are "pussies", so that's not really an explanation either.

I love surrendering people. A successful surrender is one of those win-win-win scenarios. I claim the bunker, the customer never gets shot, and I don't waste paint/air doing it. Most people that I surrender aren't even worth the 1 ball it would take to eliminate them at close range. It's my way of saying, "You're not worth it, now get out of my bunker."

As a low volume player, surrendering people is a mandatory skill in the toolbox.

People being "pussies" never enters the equation at all for me.

If you have the option of removing a player without firing a shot, why not take it?

Because you're afraid of getting shot?
He posts videos of himself on Youtube never leaving the furthest back bunker.
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Logic and reason are anathema to him; but this does not deter him from prattling on.
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