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I have considered it several times. I had a few thoughts. First, neither here nor there, it will be beyond reason to make an autotrigger for it.

On the practical side, I think it would be easier to make a new hammer. I think the whole bolt / hammer setup will need some sort of support or guide. I was looking at using the rear velocity / mainspring adjuster to mount the internal guide. The cam action on the valve stem needs to be relatively rigid.

I think you may still need some recock gas to push the cam ring off the valve stem. Maybe not. We could also redesign the cam itself so that it would not hang. It's that cam action that drew me into cats in the first place. There's some tinkering to be had there.

The front of the lower body has some available material to drill and tap to mount a pump guide arm. Like cp mentioned, it's a good spot.

At one point, I was trying to layout a hammer and bolt so that I could shorten the hammer travel. Maybe not worth the effort, but you don't need the whole inch or so.

Other than the mounting holes for the pump itself, I was trying to keep the internals swap-able. I have a worn but working Thundercat for such things, but hadn't brought myself to cut on it.


Capital, what did you do with the recock?
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