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A gentleman tried to surrender Kynan (of MCB) this weekend with a bunker tap... he had obviously not been present for our safety briefing and was unaware of the 'option' to accept a surrender at the field, and was greeted with a headshot for his troubles.

Wether or not I agree with surrender rule 'X' or 'Y' is even further complicated by the different rules and standards at different fields... I wish there was a more universal accord for this rule, but there is not.

Personally, I try to avoid 'over the top of the bunker' surrenders as they are frought with contention, and when wrapping a player I try and aim pack/shoe while offering the surrender... sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

Interestingly though: the other day I had a guy in front of me I was unable to dislodge, so finally I double pumped and rushed the guy and yelled "SURRENDER" while coming around his bunker. TO my surprise he yelled "SURRENDER" back...

so I shot him.

He was not overly pleased.

My argument was that I hadn't nutted up and rushed him for the priveledge of BEING surrendered, but to offer one to him; I mean if I had been intent on surrendering, I could hav just given up from my bunker.

That was a confusing incident. Just an instant to make the decision, and already one pound or so on my 2 pound trigger pull...
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