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KPCS Peacemaker Review

I promised Ken that I would do a review on the Peacemaker, so here is my first review on MCB.

I contacted Ken in June about commissioning a Peacemaker. The Peacemaker would have 14" barrels with the option of both stock class and open class feeds. As for color, I already own a Ditto Deuce from Ken that I wanted the Peacemaker to match, Starlight Translucent Red.

I put down my first payment on June 20, 2011. I received it on November 12, 2011. Ken did not agree to a specific time frame, but I asked if he could finish it by the beginning of November. As with any custom order from any airsmith, it is wait a see, but I was not concerned because I already had previous experience with Ken. He created a thread in his section that provided updates on the progress of the Peacemaker's completion.

a Order for a Peacemaker

Now for the review(Picures First):

Stock Class Setup weighs in at 3lbs 12.2oz which includes the 12g changer and stock class feed.

Open Class Setup weighs in at 3lbs 5.9oz, open class feed without 12g changer.

First impression:
  • Powdercoating was excellent. It matches my Ditto Deuce exactly.
  • Lightweight for a double barrel marker.
  • Pump stroke is stiff. Maybe due to being brand new and pumping two bolts
  • Small pump handle. I don't have very big hands, but it is small to me.
  • Easy to aim.

  • Low velocity for the lower tube. Due to the design of the Peacemaker the bottom bolt activates the top bolt, therefore losing some of its velocity hitting the valve. It came installed with a silver mainspring and silver valve spring. To remedy this, a stronger main spring and lighter valve spring needed to be installed to achieve a usable velocity. With this change my velocity was around 270fps.
  • Stock Phantom Barrels are not fit for smaller paint we come across these days. Rollouts were prevalent. The best upgrade would be to get the barrels bored for freak inserts. I have a 14" Phantom barrel already bored for freak inserts and used a tymcneer .680 brass freak insert to tune both tubes.
  • Loading paintballs into both barrels was not difficult. It would seem that paintballs would get pinched somehow, but there is a wire detente that raises the bottom paintball to keep both paintballs in line with their respective barrel.

  • The pump arms connecting the pump to the bolts has the "PEACEMAKER" name on it, but it is just stickers. I can see the stickers peeling off over time.

Overall, The Peacemaker is an eye catching marker. Since it is made out of Phantom parts, it performs like a Phantom. It is two phantoms in over/under configuration. The only part made was the pump arms. Every other part was either stock or modified from Phantom parts. It shoots great with no kick firing both barrels. You would not notice a difference from a regular Phantom when playing with the Peacemaker due to the over/under configuration.

If you decide to purchase a Peacemaker, I would recommend getting both barrels bored for freak inserts and if you have larger hands to get a larger pump handle.

Thanks Ken.
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