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Originally Posted by sonixr7 View Post
The wire detent is connected to the lower body and sits in channel of the trigger frame where the pump arm would normally be for Phantoms. Since there are pump arms connecting the pump handle to the bolts, that area is left vacant leaving room for the wire detent.

Its purpose is to keep the bottom ball from dropping down all the way to the bottom of the breech. Normally the bottom ball would drop to the bottom of the breech, but that would make the top ball sitting on top of the bottom ball fall too far to be aligned with the top barrel thus causing chopped balls.

Using this diagram, it is located underneath the bottom ball, elevating it enough to align the top ball with the top barrel.
Sshhhh. That's a trade secret .... ( j/k )

On the first run Peacemaker the pump handle was in the middle of the barrels. Now I dropped the handle lower so your hand is not riding on the lower barrel but on the pump handle itself.

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