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got a cheap ion in the mail a couple days ago and got the kit in the mail this morning.
if i wasnt an idiot it would have been smooth sailing.
i didnt notice the donut on the stock bolt so i put in the new bolt and of course had air dumping out the front of the gun. put that in, golden!
switch and mount slid right in.
few minutes to get the hoses to fit.
no leaks, so quiet. pretty consistant to i wasnt sizing bore to paint i dont have an ion freak kit yet. so that should make it even better
i just sold my ice epic and had buyers remorse until today
excited to play in a game w/ it.
thanks guys.
edit: i threw a 12 gram changer on it for kicks as well. i had the gun chronoed around 280 before.
i didnt chrono with the 12 gram and shot sort of fast probably all 25 shots w/in a minute.
thats good efficiency
around 150 psi i think on the smart parts gauge

peanut butter and jaaaaaaam!

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