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4/15/2014 WTF is on Amazon Prime in the US and Canada + 20% off coupon


Select WTF products are now available via Amazon Prime in the United States and Canada. Products are in stock in Amazon warehouses from Reno, NV to Mississauga, ON to Columbia, SC. Customers not in the US or Canada are able to order direct from Amazon US without the benefits of Prime

WTF on Amazon Canada

For 20% off WTF items on Amazon, use coupon code PT7HEUVS

WTF on Amazon US

For 20% off WTF items on Amazon, use coupon code V4KXDFJ5

Coupons expire 4/20/2014

As we continue to hone our custom shop, diligently fill orders, and get ahead of the curve we'll make more and more inventory available via Amazon. Stay tuned(:

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