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Yeah, most people think they can get an "action" cam and it will show their play in a way that people want to watch...

Ahh, NO!

If you have a fisheye type action cam (like the go pro) and you shoot someone at 50 feet or more, you CAN'T see them... Those cameras are made for guys doing extreme sports where the PERSON doing the action is the focus, so you can feel what it feels like to participate.

But, in paintball (woodsball especially) it really isn't that neat to see a guy running around pointing his marker at the ground... And sadly TONS of players get cameras and put up footage that is like that, with no editing, and tons of shaky footage, that you can't see a SINGLE person getting shot out.

I shoot my video with the goal of being able to SEE who I am shooting at. If YOU the viewer can't see it, what is the point of making a video?

Here is a video I made that shows "typical action cam" footage vs a camera that has zoom, and zoom is CRITICAL in paintball to SEE what you are shooting. Sure it is heavier, and you have to pay attention to what you are doing on the field as well as playing and shooting other players out, but with practice it can be done.

Here is a video I made years ago, with my cheap ATC3K camera... All shot in ONE day of playing. Good times.
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