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Classic automag going mad !?!

Hey guys,

I got a problem that isn't one so much that I wanted to share with you; here is the deal;

My mag is just functionning, but too much!

It's a barely classic mag; specs are:

-Classic A.I.R valve
-ANS Phase II reg
-LVL 10 bolt kit
-Stock on/off
-Centerflag 201 adjustable preset
-Custom made roller bearing sear

Oh forgot to mention the valve has an efficiency mod by devolumizing the chamber; that coud have it role here.

Well, I was mounted with a 2-finger cocker frame, and when I tried out a carbon frame here is what happened;

When trigger half pulled, marker shoots semi

Tigger fully pulled, thing is going full auto.

Approx 34 cycles per second.

It's an A.I.R valve.


Any thoughs?
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