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IPOD TOUCH 64 GIG ( 3rd generation, Excellent condition )

Hey Gang

to keep it simple...

-IPOD touch 3rd Generation
-64 GIGS
-The back is shiny ( minimal scratches at the very least )
-Has a screen protector on it ( 2 very minor bubbles in it but has protected the screen well )
-Comes with A hard plastic smoke casing to protect it
-Comes with Charging cable
-Excellent battery life

Will ship it with full battery charged, and reset it to factory setting to start over fresh

This would be great for a Stereo in the car or in the house and hold all your music with them 64 gigs, I was going to do that, but MEH I got a Samsung Galaxy 2 that is my do everything, so this doesnt get used at all anymore

but it can with you!!!!!!!

I would love $130 shipped and paypal'd or a Ninja tank ( I love me a good ninja tank 68/4500 or smaller but must be a 4500 and in good hydro )

I am in Canada, I have feedback under CanadianBlues

I'll ship it to you as soon as I have money and I keep the money in my paypal until you receive the item I ship and give me a satisfied PM back saying your happy with it.

Cheers dudes

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