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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I'm left wondering when exactly she was put in the barn. It had to have been after Carl was shot and obviously before Shane hobbled Otis. So when exactly and why?
I don't really see any reason why she had to be in there AFTER Carl was shot... They'd already been looking for her for at least a few days by the time Carl was shot, hadn't they? I'd have to re-watch an episode or two but I don't recall them actually mentioning Sophia being missing while Otis was alive, so if he was the only one responsible for the Zombie-wrangling, it's entirely possible no one else knew she was in there. Although, you'd think he would "talk shop" with the others on the farm and if he told one of them he'd brought a little girl zombie in that they'd have put two and two together after hearing about Sophia being missing...

The thing that bothers me though, is the likelihood of Sophia actually making it to Zed status. She was a weak, scared little girl against mostly adult, and fairly strong Zombies. I don't see it being all that likely that once a Zed had her within it's grasp and able to bite her that she'd have been able to get away without just being straight up devoured. And she appeared to be in fairly good condition when she walked out of the barn.
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