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Negative Feedback

I purchased and paid for an AT assembly and never received it. This happened over 3 years ago. I tried MANY times to contact him and he finally responded and said he would make it up to me. NEVER RECEIVED IT OR A REFUND. Beware* Beware* Beware

This transaction happened on the CustomCockers Forum. A few of the Admins there tried to contact him also to no avail. They BANNED him from their site.

I see you have been active on this site recently.
What's going on? Why are you not responding to Pm's or e-mails? If you are not going to send the AT assembly, then please refund my $25 to my PayPal account.



Originally Posted by T18CAPT

Could you please check your PM's on the CC Forum?



Originally Posted by L.I Caretaker

Thank you so much ,,I'm sorry i didn't get back to you sooner..My pc got hacked I got a virus an i lost all info...I was waiting for you to send me a pm...i need you addy..i am sorry this happen...i am real sorry am will send some freebies,i will even put a $20 to make up for my bad.. i have never had this problem

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