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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Keep in mind that the cycling you have may not be full cycles. That is, the bolt going all the way forward and back.

The lvl7 bolt is not the limiting factor of ROF on a mag. The hole in which the air travels through to the on/off is. IIRC, the max ROF on a classic valve is about 12 before you start to get shootdown. The RT gets around this by increasing the pressure that flows through the on/off.

Have fun testing.
That makes sense, but why is it cycling more than the double of the theorical max ROF?

I think the efficiency mod has it's role here, as it is limitating the chamber volume, meaning with the same on/off hole size it will take less time to fully charge the chamber.

I made a second video to see how it keeps the shootdown, and it seems fine; running out of air at the end

At least, that's the most inefficient air blower of the world
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