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Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
I find Laurie (Rick's wife?) to be the most irritating character. I keep wishing for her to get eaten. Hopefully this is coming in February and will be a catalyst for Rick evolving into a darker character. Haven't read the books, but from various discussions I gather he is headed in that direction.
I absolutely HATE Laurie, as well as Andrea. Andrea just bitches way too much about everything. She keeps trying to prove that she's capable, but she's obviously not.

Originally Posted by Wrathbringer View Post
This was really bugging me so I checked the Wikipedia summaries of the episodes. One day passes from when Sophia goes missing to when Carl gets shot, which could be enough time for the girl to get bit, stay at that house overnight, turn and be found by Otis before he goes hunting. It took Amy what, 10-12 hours to turn in Season 1? I think the timeline works.
The scientist at the CDC said that it could happen much faster then that. Based on her being a pretty small kid, I could see her dying and turning in a few hours. Especially if she bled out.

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Did she infect herself? Or did she become infected and decide to make the best out of it and get as much scientific data from it as possible? I honestly don't remember but I thought it was the latter...
It was certainly the latter.
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