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Originally Posted by randyshipp View Post

Did you combine my Rainmaker with another for this project? That's not the lower receiver from my RM. That S/N is in the 5000s, and mine was something like S/N 0083 or something. Just curious.

Hah! I'm caught!

I had to buy a new lower body. I had read that you had trouble with the valve set screw before. I broke wrenches and tried lots of stuff. After much effort I managed to break a tap off in the valve set screw hole in the original. I had drilled the set screw out for the same screw size (which went very well) and very carefully broke the tap off trying to clear the threads. Whatever held the original screw in is very mean stuff after being heated and soaked, etc. I was just a turn or two from the end.

That is actually one of my next projects; a home made spark discharge machine to burn out the tap. I've run the body through my ano tank for hours and only got half of the tap out and messed up my bath. I've also tried some alum, but that just discolored the ano.

I also hope this will be the first part I try in an ano bath made with ph minus (pool chemical). The projects just go on!


The pool chemical ano was poop. I didn't even try this part in it. It will get a regular acid bath ano. I have three different coil setups waiting for the EDM experiment.
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