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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post
What do you guys want to see in a woodsball paintball video?

Me personally, I like just the action, especially if I can see guys getting hit. I usually make a "game" video for the players at my field first, that I try and include as many of the players as possible, so they can "find" themselves on the video, but after that chore is done, then I have fun with my edit gear, finding all the best shots, and stringing them together, as that is what I want to see on a video.

But, what do you like to see?
I really don't film all that much of myself playing, it's been mostly short "tributes" to the players, from rental groups. Mostly, they also work as trailers for us (not the Kankberg one, but at least me and my colleague are both in there), so it's a bit of guest and park service in one. I rarely cut anything together from just one game, though, I prefer to select from a pool of footage from three or four games. Also has something to do with not actually having time to film all that much when I'm arranging the games.

Speaking of renters, this is something I put together for the park, although it's really mostly a tribute to the rental groups over the past 5 years. Sort of fun seeing the progression, from outlaw games at the nearby hill with 6 rental equipments to today's three fields.

And a snow video from last year. Still waiting for the snow this year so I can do a sequel. This was before I got a decent camera, so it's all gopro.
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