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I have been working on a project that has been near and dear for me for sometime, but couldn't find the canvas or design that I wanted.

From another thread.
Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post

The project I had planned for the S5 was to get it lasered. I had a younger brother passed away many years ago and I wanted to make the S5 a memorial marker.

For some of those who know me, I have a koi fish inked on my back. I wanted a similar koi fish lasered onto the S5 with water lilies and wave lines.
Additionally, I wanted the phrase "Never forget the ones you love" and my brother's life-death dates on it.

It may still happen, but I'm not holding out for it.

However, one day it all clicked and I needed the aid of a laser engraver.

Using the fantastic search option bestowed on MCB, I searched the terms "laser engraving".

One member's work came up, that member is paintballer187.

Through several pm's and hashing the design out, I knew what I wanted done.

Total time spent: Roughly two weeks with shipping and holiday chaos.

Thoughts and impressions: Super fast, affordable, and I was in constant communication throughout the whole lasering process. I was even given completion photos of the finished work.

So enough chit chat and onto the fantastic quality of work!

Updated pics

I am very pleased with the work and how everything turned out. If you need lasering work done, give a pm to paintballer187 or check out his website. - Performance and Apparel

================ 1/19/2013 UPDATE! =========================

Got some other items done.

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