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Originally Posted by EDDAKA View Post
I thought it was plug in and play. I realize that by being longer it means that they have more force pushing against the cupseal, which could offset how weak they are.

Rich - you are correct. They are a bit long, but they will work; plug and play w/o being cut. You will notice that they cause a slight pressure on the valve body when you're putting everything back together, but as you said this will only simply increase the main spring pressure... although I have the least Nelson-master-foo skills of anyone that monitors this thread, so I'm sure someone else will have better info for you.

I'm interested to see what results you get, becuase I'm 90% certain the spring kit I have is a Madman (or other Autococker) spring kit. I've tried CCI springs and couldn't get it up!

Let us know how it goes man!
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