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Evolution of a Gargoyle

It's been really quiet in here, so I decided to use this section to photo-document the stages of work I've done and am doing to my Gargoyle.

I picked up Gargoyle #87 used from a fellow MCB member. It came to me as seen below with a freak bored barrel, tri-fluted hammer, open faced TPC, and APP grip panels. Otherwise stock.

It had a few issues. Notably, when I pulled the trigger it would not fire the gun. Instead the valve train and pump handle would move. So I modified the sear accordingly. Also, balls tended to get chopped by the freak kit. So I made the following modifications.

Reprofiled sear...

Tapered freak inserts...

A few weeks later I ordered a few more things. 8" barrel, Hogue palm swell grips, and an RTR Boomerang! These pictures were taken before the Hogues arrived.

And a shot I took of the TPC and hammer while I had the camera out...

I now have the Hogues on bu no pictures. They're incredibly comfy!

I had super_stanchy bore both the adapter and the barrel for freak inserts so that the ball, when chambered, sits in the insert.

Sent it out to Bazooka Boy for anno, and this is where she stands:

Proud XO of Ghost Recon

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