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OK, I promised Matteekay that I would stop coming up with so many new items that keep draining his wallet, but.......this is just an update to the waist rig and I already made him one. So here are the updates. Now instead of the 12g. loops being sewn down to rig, I have put webbing with velcro in that area. This allows for many different set ups. You can put your own patch there or you can use the new 12g. holders, that hold 12g's or more tubes in the same area but you can go with vertical or horizontal set up. These are supper secure by velcroing to the strap and wrapping around it and velcoring to itself. Also behind the velcro is open, so you can slide your squeegee behind it, even if your using the 12g holders. I will also be making new accessories that can be attached in this area. I also added elastic loops to the straps that go over your shoulder. Like what is on the Double-07 shoulder rig. This not only adds 5 more loops on each side for 12g's or tubes but also adds elastic between the rig and the strap, making it more comfortable and allows it to move with you. Also the 12g holders can be bought separately and used on any 2" or smaller belt to carry some extra 12g's with you.

The Waist Rigs aren't up on the web site yet, but are available. The rest are at the mccannusa site.

This is our new Stock Class Waist Rig, Dump pouch Waist rig, and Modular Waist rig. they are all set up so that they can be worn on one side, both sides, or slid up further under your arms and worn as a shoulder rig. The Stock Class Waist rig holds 8, ten round tubes and 4, 12g cartridges on each side. Plus has an easy entry dump pocket on each side to stick your used tubes and 12ies in. The Dump pouch Waist rig uses our small dump pouch plus a pocket for your barrel bag or squeegee, and loops for 4, 12g. cartridges. The back side on all of them has velcro/webbing belt loops to attach the waist rigs securely in place. You can buy one side at a time, so you can mix and match the sides. This has been a very popular design because it puts the tubes in an easy to reach location on each side instead of on your back (joy ride) and it isn't as restrictive and bulky as a vest.

modular set up shown on waist

moved up

single side

Mccann USA Custom Paintball Products
We finely got the web site up and running.
Here is a few of the products, with more on the site, lots more coming, and of course all of our custom gear. Thank you very much for all the support so far.


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