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Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
This would be heavy and costly compared to the TPX mags.
While I fail to see how the adapter would be much heavier or more costly...

The magazines themselves, yes, they are heavier and more costly. But the adapter, not so much.

I think the problem with a Tiberius magazine right now would be the leveraged weight applied to the top tube, might be more then the screws holding the top tube to the lower can handle.


Maybe CCM should get on Eric from Tiberius about the yet to be released plastic, airless First Strike mags. Then CCM could use a magazine designed for the first strike rounds that was inexpensive and light to hang off the side. (And Tiberius users everywhere would rejoice that the cheaper, lighter mags were finally released.)


I've been kicking myself for not buying one of those first Camo T2s back at Living Legends 2 for a couple years now. When you officially come out with this I'll have no choice. I'll have to sell off my excess pintball gear and place an order for a T2 + cram and jam + Mag Feed + Palmer's new 12gram reg. With one marker I'll be set with open-class, stock-class, and First strike Rifle (till the SR1 comes out).
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