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zombie books

Ah yes, books about zombies. Been reading a few over the last year or two, and thought I'd share my impressions of them and see what you guys have been reading, maybe pick up some good ones that I've missed and suggest to you guys good ones as well.

Max Brooks's The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z - these are good. The Guide is just that, a guide as if zombies were real and met a certain set of rules (slow zombies, caused by an infection), how to detect the beginnings of infestation, and how to survive the subsequent zombpocalypse. World War Z is a fiction documentary novel (like they shot a documentary movie of the zombpocalypse, and then turned it into book form) of a zombie apocalypse with the rules from the Guide. This is a lot better than you think, though very disjointed and appealing only if you like documentaries to begin with.

Stephen King's Cell - what if an electronics experiment sent a signal to every cell phone in the world, and if you were on the phone at that time, it turned you into a zombie? Good premise, but, imho, not one of King's better works. It's creepy, it's well written, but I don't like the way he went with it. Still, if you're a King fan, this is a zombie novel you need to add to your collection.

Brian Keene's City of the Dead, The Rising, and Dead Sea - City and Rising are a 2-book series, and Sea was a standalone. I liked the premise in the first 2 (demons possess dead animals to wipe out all life on the road to existence ceasing in the end times) because it was different than what you normally see, but overall, I don't recommend these books unless you are hard up for some zombie novels. They're okay, but there are better ones out there, and I hate down endings.

David Wellington's Monster series (Monster Island, Nation, and Planet) - pretty interesting, with a twist on some of the zombies. Not the best out there, but worth a month of reading just to see the ending.

Carrie Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth - good YA book, and the beginning of a series that is about 2/3rds out, but after reading the first one, I didn't really feel the need to read the others (she makes it hard to like the protagonist). Good for a light read.

Cherie Priest's Boneshaker - this is the beginning of a steampunk series that has 4 books already out and more on the way. So far, this is the only book I know that has zombies in it in this series, but I'm really liking the series, and the way she handles the zekes in Boneshaker (called Rotters) is interesting. Definitely worth a read if you like zombies or steampunk or both.

Mira Grant's Feed - this is easily my favorite of the lot: George Romero's movies taught the world how to survive the zombpocalypse, so we did. This is a story of the after times, when the humans have survived, but so have the zekes. The zombie infection is well thought out and consistent, and the characters react to them intelligently when they have time and in panic mode when they don't. And it's the start of a trilogy, with the first two out (only read the first myself, getting the 2nd book soon), and the third due out next June.

Anyone else reading zombie books? What do you think of them? What do you suggest for other reads?
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