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Originally Posted by Ziggymarley View Post
Done...Stormtrooper Camo TiPX.

1. *Super Stanchy TPX bored barrel for Freak kit.
2. *Super Stanchy TPX turned bolt for Freak kit.
3. *Added screw for CO2 release.
4. *Hi Res paint for front & rear sights.
5. *Custom stripped, polished, and milled barrel shroud.
6. *Dremel chopped off lanyard loop, rounded trigger guard, and rounded front rail to avoid any future holster snags.
7. *Tippmann jewel replaced after painting.

Notice my bloody finger prints on the grip and Empire logo on the right side.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

I tried to do an Ion detent mod....failed.
That's a very nice custom TPX. I want to custom my T8.1 at some point.
I only need 1 shot, no hopper, and your out!
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