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Fluted Hammers in a Redux?

Just curious if anyone has ever tried using a fluted hammer in their 'Dux or Duck... now that I've got a PT that gets me into a "playable" velocity range (still not sure why I could never seem to get my velocity over 260 - and that was w/ the heaviest spring combo and the tpc barely threaded), I figure I could go ahead and do some tuning for efficiency. I only ever put my SSC duel fluted hammer in the dux once, and then just decided that in order to get a usable velocity it just didn't have enough mass

Just figured I'd see what anyone else has done... if I recall correclty DM6Rocker previously recommended to me via PM a Green main, Yellow valve (?), fluted hammer combo... but I can't seem to find that PM (I might have just dreamt it, LOL...)

currently I'm using a Red main, Yellow valve, stock hammer, modified Kingman Hammer PT, w/ the TPC in about 3 full turns - shooting around 290fps, and getting 27 shots over 250fps on a 12gram

Thanks guys!
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