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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Yeah, I was using a lightened hammer in mine. The fluting isn't relevant other than being a result of material being removed to lighten the hammer.

I posted a thread somewhere in here detailing my results. (short answer: less hammer bounce, more efficiency)

Actually they were fluted to reduce friction which hindered the smoothness of the pump stroke. The weight loss was just a side effect. That is why you used to see ads claiming "space age" Teflon coating etc. It would be nice for Mr. Thompson to fill us in on all that lost knowledge. I think some folks jumped on the lighter is better bandwagon just because fluting reduced weight.

Line SI on the other hand did their home work and incorporated both which resulted in a very light, coated hammer and aluminum and delrin bolt combo which was the best of both worlds. Good thing the Redux snub is SS or you would be stuck with a grooved snub for life because once you flute an aluminum snub your stuck with it.

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