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New Lapco barrel - the tightstick 14" of stepbored .681 goodness

tightstick « Lapco Press

Hey MCBers - check it out..

TIGHTSTICK - The paintball barrel you wish you had.
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

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Introducing the TIGHTSTICK barrel! Manufactured by paintball’s premiere barrelmaker, LAPCO Inc, the TIGHTSTICK combines classic design with modern performance engineering and legendary quality.


Length: 14″
Bore: .681″
Manufacturer: LAPCO Inc.
Threading: Sniper (Autococker)
Finish: Matte or polished (please specify), black anodized
Material: 6061 aerospace aluminum
Weight: ~4.2oz

Inspired by the design of the original “Thompson” ribbed Sniper barrel, the TIGHTSTICK is intended as a one-barrel solution for tightbore/underbore applications. Its step-bore design is unique and is not found on any other LAPCO barrels, providing a 10″ control-bore length in a 14″ overall package. The porting design is also unique and features 6 rows of straight ports, for whisper-quiet performance. Manufactured of aerospace-quality 6061 aluminum and featuring LAPCO’s truly supreme attention to quality, these barrels carry a lifetime warranty through LAPCO. Designed with the needs of pump players in mind, the TIGHTSTICK is equally suitable for semi applications.

The benefits of tightbore or underbore barrels have been well-tested and documented in recent years. Underboring prevents rollouts, achieves optimum efficiency and provides optimum consistency, mitigating the effects of ball-to-ball size variances. Testing and experience has shown that paintballs can take quite a bit of squeeze without increased paint breakage and that the old wisdom of an exact bore match is actually the least desirable option.

As of right now, these barrels are in soft release and are offered at a sale price of $52.99 shipped (MSRP $58.99) via USPS First Class.
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